Social Responsibility

At Otsuka, one of our core values is humility—as a company, we unite to serve the needs of others before our own. Our approach to corporate social responsibility has grown naturally out of our commitment to put as much focus on our communities as we do on the medications that treat them.


Towards a better life


To support the company’s growth by implementing their commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility that will provide added value to all stakeholders, and ultimately increase corporate social responsibility awareness for a better society.

Implement the corporate responsibility and social awareness development for a better society.

Our Goals

In general, assisting the Indonesian government to improve the Indonesian Human Development through the implementation of programs that will help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

In particular, play a role in social and environmental responsibility, for employees and their families, and also for domestic and overseas communities in need of assistance.

CSR Activities

Healthy Together with Otsuka

PT Otsuka Indonesia CSR programs are consistently prioritizing the importance of health issues in each of its CSR programs. This commitment is embodied in the program “Healthy Together With Otsuka” in which the provision of assistance is in the form of health products such as nutritional supplements and intravenous fluids.

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