3,000 Trees Planting Activity by PT. Otsuka Indonesia

   Located at Curah Daplang, precisely at sector 139 preservation forest at Toyomarto village, Singosari district, Malang regency, PT. Otsuka Indonesia represented by Indrialoka nature lover organization, consisting of employees of PT. Otsuka Indonesia and supported by neighboring community  have been planted 3,000  trees on Sunday, February 14, 2010.

   The purpose of tree planting activity is to preserve and rehabilitate forest function at the slope of Arjuno Mountain so we can still maintain it and the natural disaster will never happen besides improving the welfare of neighboring community.

   Group of Indrialoka and its neighboring community  were gathering in front of factory of PT. Otsuka Indonesia to start 3,000 trees planting activity at sector 139 of preservation forest at the slope of Arjuno Mountain, Malang regency, East Java.

   This forth time trees planting activity conducted by PT. Otsuka Indonesia, are supported by Malang Raya’s community, consisting of high school and university students including youth organization members who cares of productive forest greenery.

   This trees planting activity was published at Jawa Post and Radar Malang.

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