Scholarship Aid for Employees Children at PT. Otsuka Indonesia`s Factory

   In order to develop the education and to enrich the knowledge of employees’ children future at PT. Otsuka Indonesia’s factory, scholarship aid were given to 172 high performing children on August 22, 2008 at PT. Otsuka Indonesia’s factory.

   Criteria of Scholarship aid receivers are for employees’ children from Elementary School to University. For Elementary to High Schools, they must achieve the first till ten rank. For University, they must achieve the average IPK for 2 semesters at the minimum 3.0.

   This scholarship aid program is a routine activity performed by PT. Otsuka Indonesia for the employee. (Team CSR PT OI)

   Family of PT. Otsuka Indonesia’s factory employees who were received the scholarship aid for their high performing children from Elementary school till University on August 22, 2008 at PT. Otsuka Indonesia’s factory, Lawang - East Java.

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