PT Otsuka and Indonesia IMTC Collaboration to Increase Nutritional Status of MDR TB

PT. Otsuka Indonesia dan Indonesia IMTC collaboration to increase nutritional status of MDR TB Patient

   In 2018, PT. Otsuka Indonesia and Indonesia IMTC collaborated again to increase nutritional status for MDR TB Patient at 2 places at Bandung and Surabaya. This activity was carried out by donating nutraceutical product PROTEN Gold. This activity aimed to provide support on nutritional improvement among MDR TB patients undergoing treatment, in two referral hospitals i.e. Hasan Sadikin Bandung Hospital and Dr. Soetomo Surabaya Hospital. This activity was also involving the organization  of former MDR TB patient who worked to support patient who was temporarily seeking treatment such as TERJANG (Terus Berjuang) Jawa Barat and REKAT ( Arek Nekat )Surabaya.

   At Hasan Sadikin Bandung Hospital, The ceremony took place at Internal Medicine Dept. meeting room, the handover of PROTEN Gold from PT Otsuka Indonesia was also attended by chairman of clinical expert team MDR TB Hasan Sadikin Hospital Dr. dr. Arto Yuwono, Sp.PD, K(P) and dr. Prayudi Santoso, Sp.PD, K(P). PROTEN Gold  received directly by Mrs. Dewi chairman of TERJANG Jawa Barat and was also attended by some  members of TERJANG. In Surabaya, PROTEN Gold were received by chairman of REKAT Surabaya Mr. Sugeng.  The same activites were carried out in the year 2017, in Jakarta (Persahabatan Hospital, Islam Jakarta Cempaka Putih Hospital and Saiful Anwar Hospital Malang).

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