Scholarship Aid for Kalirejo Community

   Scholarship Aid for Kalirejo community.

   On December 8th, 2017, PT Otsuka Indonesia (PTOI) provided the scholarship for 125 primary, junior and senior high school children in Kalirejo, Lawang. The provision of scholarship is routinely carried out every year by PTOI to the communities surrounding the factory. This scholarship was given to 125 children. For category of elementary school   received Rp.275,000 per child. For Junior high school received Rp.350,000 per child. While for high school children received   Rp.450,000 per child.

   This provision aimed as a form of PTOI's concern in improving education and participating in education the Nation's children, especially the underprivileged people in the environment around the PTOI factory in Lawang. This activity was also in line with the Vision and Mission of PTOI’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the field of education. The scholarship aid had been run by PTOI since the year 2004. Over the past 13 years, the number of children who had received scholarships from PTOI had reached a total number of 1,407 children.

   "We extend our gratitude to PT. Otsuka Indonesia for providing scholarship to our citizens. Hopefully this concern will continue as a form of PT Otsuka Indonesia's concern to participate in educating the nation's children". That was the welcome speech of Kalirejo District head, Mr. Basuki during the scholarship aid ceremony at Pendopo of Kalirejo Village.



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