Family Health's Training for Employees Family

   On Tuesday, November 11th, 2008, PT. Otsuka Indonesia hold the Health training for 27 employees’ wives (spouse) took place at the Meeting room of Lawang factory.

   The activity of Family Health and Safety training has been held routinely since 2003. The topics of discussion were about Potential identification and Danger of fire handling in the house neighborhood, how to maintain health for aging, Safety driving technique, etc. Except for spouse/wives, the same activity is also, held for the community surrounding Lawang Factory.

   Focusing of the activity this time was the Tips of prevention for Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart disease. The explanation was delivered by Doctor of each dept. in collaboration with one of the provider in Health Dept. During this activity, employees’ wives (spouse) have a chance to do plant tour to factory where their husbands’ work for, and having lunch together at the company’s canteen. At the end of this session, all participants received a book about Health and Medical Equipment such as Thermometer.

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