PT. Otsuka Indonesia Welcome SSS Visitors Team of OPC Japan

     On last June 2011, PT. Otsuka Indonesia gladly welcome the SSS visitors team of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd./OPC Japan. SSS stands for "Selected Supervisor Seminar", kind of trainings or particular seminars for future management candidate in OPC consisting of several departments’ within two years in Japan.

   PT. Otsuka Indonesia has an honor as one of their SSS team visit purpose schedule, from which they have learned more about Otsuka global businesses and local Otsuka Management. They also have a chance to share opinions about topics learned during this SSS lesson.

   The OPC team members at this time consist of: 3 persons from NC/Nurse Care, 3 persons from Pharmaceutical Dept. and 4 persons from R&D Dept., which accompanied by 2 Managers from HRD. Therefore, the total team members were 12 persons.

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