That afternoon around 3 pm, the weather outside the factory was quite hot. No rain had fallen since previous days. Production process activity inside the factory was running normal as usual. Some of employees who have worked afternoon shift, started to come to the factory.

   The quiet situation was suddenly shocked by sound of sirene. At the same time with sound of noisy sirene, employees were evacuated from ME section while still using their working uniforms and keep running towards the Assembly Point at Newspaper Reading Point.

   Some of them looked busy in carrying out somebody who got burn and unconsious. They ran out through the emergency red door at the northern of ME factory. When reaching outside the room, the victim was removed to a stretcher and carried along soonest in order to have further treatment.

   After further examination, apparently ME factory got burn because of short electric connection. Fortunately, all workers successfully rescued themselves and gathered at Newspaper reading Point. Then, Head of each group listed all its members who were successfully rescued and make sure that nobody was inside.

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