PT Otsuka Indonesia Family Gathering Lembang 2013

In order of unity and togetherness, PT Otsuka Indonesia big family and employees (Head Office) held an event called Family Gathering 2013 which is located in Lembang-Bandung on October 19-20, 2013. This event carried out every three years and the total participants for this year is about 370 people.

The event shown in the form of inter-division Performing Arts, best costume of Indonesian culture, fitness and competition for children and the family.

Some photos taken during the family gathering are shown below :

  1.        The opening ceremony of PT Otsuka Indonesia Family Gathering 2013 (by the Managing Directors and the organizing committee chairman
  2.        The Performing Arts of Rampak Gendang (by Medical Device Division)   
  3.        Performing Arts of Tari Saman (by TD, Regulatory Affairs & Sales Admin)  
  4.        Performing Arts of Goyang Caesar (by TD, Regulatory Affairs & Sales Admin)  
  5.        Performing Arts of Tari Tor Tor (by Finance & Accounting Division)   
  6.        Performing Arts of Goyang Poco-Poco (by CIBG)  
  7.        Performing Arts of Crazy Dance (by HR & MIS)  
  8.        Performing Arts of Hip Hop Dance (by GA)  
  9.        Eating banana contest
  10.        Connecting Words Contest   
  11.        Puzzle Constructing Contest  
  12.        Rope Tugging Contest   
  13.        Ball Dribbling Contest by using aubergine
  14.        ‘Sarong’ Football Contest
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