Gathering with SSS Trainee from Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd,

   On September 5, 2013, we held a gathering with SSS team from Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.,Japan.

   SSS stands for Selected Supervisor Seminar, is a one of unique training program organized by HRD, Otsuka Japan which focused on development of future leaders.

   SSSS will be held for two years with a variety of activities such as on-line study that utilizing curriculum from Business Breakthrough, developed by Mr.Kenichi Omae, renowned management consultant from Japan. While most enjoyable and special activity during program is Overseas Affiliate Visit and this time Indonesia has been chosen as a destination of their trip.

   They have been visited our factory to see how the business in Indonesia grow and also held gathering in Jakarta which attended by Mr.Memed, Product Manager, Mr.Derry, Mr.Hafid, Mrs. Suryaningsih and Mrs. Haryati, they are Regional Manager from Jakarta Branch.

   Participants are actively interac each other to exchange latest and newest information and movements in each country and managed to add and deepen their insight and ideas.

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