About Us

About Us

PT. Otsuka Indonesia was established in 1974 as a joint venture pharmaceutical company with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan.

Build over a land area of around 40.000 square meters at Lawang, a small town in East Java, the Factory of PT. Otsuka Indonesia manufactures and promotes 4 (four) product groups, namely:

- Therapeutics Drug
- Clinical Nutrition and I.V. Solution
- Medical Devices

At the beginning, PT. Otsuka Indonesia imported all its products from Japan. However, in order to meet the Indonesian Government policy on the importance of producing pharmaceutical products locally, PT. Otsuka Indonesia decided to start the whole production in Indonesia.

After completing a careful, in-depth survey, a clean natural water source was found at the paw of Mount Arjuna, East Java, which proved to be ideal for the I.V. Solution.

As a  form of its consistency in technology and human resources quality developments, PT. Otsuka Indonesia constantly updates its ISO standards. After acquiring ISO 9001:2000 in 2003 to meet customers’ demand on high quality products, PT. Otsuka Indonesia is also acquiring ISO 14001:2004, as the company’s responsibility towards the reduction of environmental impact.

Our Infusion Solution products have succeeded in penetrating pharmaceutical market and has the best reputation in Indonesia. The success of Infusion solutions encouraged us to take further steps in field of pharmaceutical industry by producing Clinical Nutrition, Therapeutics Drug, Medical Food and Medical Equipment. Whereas our success also followed by our success in obtaining ISO 22000 certification : Food Safety/HACCP for Clinical Nutrition, ISO 13485 for Medical Equipment, and cGMP Certification for Good Manufacturing Process.

This step of business diversification undertaken by PT. Otsuka Indonesia is constantly growing, not only in Indonesia. We have also expanded our production by exporting products to many countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Oman, Timor Leste, and Australia.

For decades, PT. Otsuka Indonesia has proved itself as the leader in the Infusion Solutions business. And to strengthen our position, we keep challenging ourselves to develop new products that will fulfill customer needs in the future, based on our motto:

“Otsuka People Creating New Products for Better Health Worldwide.”




  • To conduct our business ethically, with honesty and integrity.
  • To meet customers need by delivering high quality products.
  • To serve customers by providing accurate and valuable scientific information by well-trained personnel.
  • To serve employees professionally for welfare gain with integrity and humanity under the healthy and prosperous company.
  • To work responsibly with the community and within the environments in which we operate.
  • To satisfy shareholders through capital gain and profitability.

Company Culture

  • Customer Focus.
  • Discipline, Honesty and Integrity.
  • Independent and focus on circle of influence.
  • Synergistic teamwork.
  • Disclosure/Transparency, Communication & Coordination.
  • Creativity and Actualization.
  • Learning and Sharing Knowledge.

Greeting From Our President Director

We believe that only the company which is valuable for people can continue its existence and healthy growth. We also believe that we can be a valuable company if we perform our day to day business activities in line with our motto. " Contribute for Better Human Health"

To "Contribute for Better Human Health", we have to meet and harmonize needs of customers, employees, business partners, society and shareholders.

To maintain good harmony of them and to ensure that our motto would not just become a formality, we have been utilizing a leadership program called "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". Through this program, we shall learn that there are four vital needs in each individual, i.e:

1. Physical/Economic Requirement -----> to Live
2. Social and Emotional Relationship -----> to Love
3. Opportunity for Self Development -----> to Learn
4. Opportunity to Contribute -----> to Leave a Legacy

When those four vital needs and activities of the company are in same direction and good balance, the company can be valuable for people. Following this program, we have made "Vision", "Mission Statement", and "Guideline for Mission Statement".

As nobody is perfect, no company is perfect and no communication is perfect, we have to make efforts to improve ourselves and our communication all the time. We have always appreciated every time we receive information about our weakness and deficiencies. We will continually improve our weakness to be able to "Contribute for Better Human Health".